Zonafide (TOG) ICO

Название ICO Zonafide
Символ TOG
Дата начала TBA
Дата окончания TBA
Страна United Kingdo.
Платформа Ethereum
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Время ICO
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Protect your important transactions, avoid fraud, cyber crime, data loss and impersonation.
Organisation's centralised technology is vulnerable to attack and data breaches.
People can control the means to identify themselves so it's the same for all their Activities.
Processes to prevent fraud and cybercrime have made people's experiences onerous and complicated. 
Social and professional networks & blockchain technology can help people take control of their own affairs.
People want to protect themselves as trust in organisations is falling as cybercrime increases.

Core Developer

Tonight UK BBC1 at 10:30pm: Tim Berners-Lee gives the annual Richard Dimbleby lecture on his vision for the web (less than an hour from now). Go Tim!


New to #bitcoin? Learn #bitcoin basics such as private key security with Matt Baldock from @PortsmouthBTC. Since 2015 Matt has run countless #newbie workshops throughout the UK including #BitBrum & @Coinfestuk. Objective no BS education is Matt's specialism.
Join us @BitBrum.

Delighted to announce that Dr Victoria Jones @Victoriadentist will be delivering a #workshop on the benefits of '#bitcoin for business' #BitBrum in #Birmingham on 3.11.2019. https://youtu.be/6TsNkBqRCpg @WorldCryptoNet @BitBrum

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Цена 1 TOG = 0.25 USD Продажа 150,000,000 Режим оплаты ETH
Минимальная инвестиция 250 USD распределение 75% поднятый N/A
Мягкая крышка 2,000,000 USD Hard Cap 25,000,000 USD

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