QuickX Protocol (QCX)

Название ICO QuickX Protocol
Символ QCX
Дата начала TBA
Дата окончания TBA
Страна Malta
Платформа Ethereum
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Время ICO

QuickXis an innovative decentralized platform that is intended to provide effective solutions to some of the critical problems with blockchain technology such as time, cost, scalability and cross transfer of blockchain assets while making cryptocurrencies suitable for mass adoption in day-to-day transactions and provide solutions to enterprises.

CIO at KCX Exchange
CEO of PayX
Founder and COO
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Цена 1 ETH = 7,500 QCX Продажа 250,000,000 Способ оплаты ETH
Минимальная инвестиция 0.1 ETH Распределение 50% Собрано N/A
Софт-кап 4,000 ETH Хард-кап 29,123 ETH